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    Abstract: TopTubePlayer – popular videos with most views, likes and dislikes, classified by categories.

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    TopTubePlayer collects millions of YouTube videos and featured the most popular videos recently. Digests such as publishedAt, viewCount, likeCount and dislikeCount are updated every few hours. And they are straightforward presented to users.

    TopTubePlayer for Youtube features.

    1. Most popular youtuber by various categories. Such as COMEDY, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT, HOWTO&STYLE, GAMING, MUSIC, TECHNOLOGY and i.e. For each category, we provide top 1000 videos based our ranking algorithms.


    2. Ranking list videos:
    Top 1000 most viewed videos.
    Top 1000 most liked videos.
    Top 1000 most disliked videos.
    Top 1000 most commented videos.

    3. Most subscriptions channels for each countries, such as US, IN, ID, KR, JP, GB, HK.

    4. Fullscreen, landscape and android picture-in-picture(PIP) mode player

    5. Small package size:
    TopTubePlayer use the iframe player sdk and the size is limited very small.

    google play download


    ★ PLZ NOTE
    – TopTubePlayer is a third party app. All the contents are provided by YouTube services. Therefore we do not have overall controls over the content displayed.
    – According to Google’s policy, GDPR and others private policies, TopTubePlayer do not claim or guide user to login. So our app is considered to be safe.



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